TCNJ Graduate Coursework

TCNJ Mallorca

I travelled to Mallorca, Spain to begin a teacher certification program through The College of New Jersey.  This three year masters program is designed for teachers, like me, already experienced and teaching abroad, and offers an opportunity to study in one of the most beautiful locations in the world.

During my first summer of study I was enrolled in:

SPED 501 – An introduction to the field of special education, focusing on the characteristics and educational needs of students with disabilities.

SCED 663 – Examination of current trends in secondary education through the critical analysis of recent research.

SCED 694 INTERNSHIP I- A pre-student-teaching experience in which students meet weekly for presentations, discussions, and in-class peer lessons.

During my second summer in Mallorca I was enrolled in:

EPSY 523: Child and Adolescent Development

EDFN 521: Cultural Foundations

RDLG 579: Content Literacry

During my third summer in Bangkok, Thailand I was enrolled in:

CURR 514: Curriculum Theory

SCED 696: General Seminar

Other courses enrolled in as past of the program:

EDFM 508: Action Research

EDAD 660: Secondary Content Methods

In the drop down menus under the Graduate Coursework tab, you will find completed content assignments from the above classes.

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