[SCED 663] Social Studies Trends | Final Project


For the final project of our Advanced Trends in Secondary Education, our group focused on trends in Social Studies with a focus on Interdisciplinary Approaches, Teaching Critical Thinking to Cultivate Independent Life Long Learners, and Authentic Assessments.  Our research touched on each of these educational trends and the application of them to the teaching and learning of Social Studies.

Trends in Social Studies| A Power Point

As part of presentation we were asked to incorporate an interactive activity that demonstrated one of our trends.  We chose to focus on Authentic Assessment and provided an example through an assignment that would require students to incorporate their knowledge from multiple disciplines in social studies and use it to solve an issue plaguing the fictitious island nation of Nublar.  Each group was provided with the Isla Nublar Profile & Scenarios for their Authentic Assessment Assignment after viewing the below trailer.

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