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Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.
                                                                                 ― Socrates (2016)


Modern Learners: Change.School Program (2018)

The Modern Learners Change.Schools programs are a response to the “exploding new learning opportunities in the modern world.” Their online programs are geared towards educational leaders that are committed to the possibilities that come with reimagining schools for the future. Through this program, I was able to connect with with other educators and school leaders from around the world and discuss important and necessary changes our schools should be and need to adapt to move into a new future of education.  It also provided a platform to brainstorm steps towards implementing real change in our respective schools.

Leave No Trace| Outdoor Ed Principles Training | (2017)

The Leave No Trace level 1 Certification leads educators through LNT Principles and Management for school groups in preparation for outdoor education adventures and expeditions.

Compass Model | Systems Thinking Training Level 1  | (2017)

The Compass Model provides sustainable systems thinking for educators to integrate into their classroom instruction.  Systems thinking enables educators to help their students develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to participate in a complex and interdependent world.

Mindful Schools Training | Mindfulness Essentials & Mindful Communication  (2017)

The central objective of the Mindful Essentials course is for students to learn how to integrate mindfulness into their classrooms and work environment using the Mindful Schools research backed curriculum. The central objective of the Mindful Communication course is to deepen your own mindfulness practice by exploring interpersonal communication in different aspects of your life including personal, social, and professional. The course covered the basics of mindful communication practice specifically non-violent communication, resolving conflict mindfully, and building strong personal and professional relationships.

Mindful Schools Training | Mindfulness Fundamentals  (2016)

The central objective of the course is for students to build and possess the tools and techniques necessary for a consistent personal mindfulness practice. notes that “The practice of mindful awareness has a variety of well-documented impacts, including a reduction in toxic stress, an increase in emotion regulation, and an improvement in sustained attention, focus and executive functioning.”  This fundamentals course is the stepping stone towards the Mindful Educator Essentials course for teaching Mindfulness to youth in a school setting.

Mindfulness Fundamentals Certificate of Completion July 2016Mindful Communication Certificate of Completion Sept. 2017Mindful Educator Essentials Certificate of Completion Aug.2016

Innovation in Education Seminar (2016)

Led by Dr. Bernard Bull,  Academic Vice President of Concordia University Wisconsin, he is responsible for their extended online learning programs and supports their Dual-Credit program for high school students. Themes emphasized at the seminar were self-directed and blended learning, digital badges, and student agency.  Discussions amongst educators at the conference centered around the question, “What is the importance of Blended Learning and developing student independence and agency in international schools?”

Vietnam Ed Tech Conference (2014, 2016, 2017)

VTC is an annual educational technology conference I attended in January 2014.  It is held at various locations year to year in Vietnam.  It is a conference designed for school administrators, teachers, and support staff to collaborate and share best practices for the everyday classroom.  As technology continues to evolve and the integration of it in our classroom becomes inevitable, VTC is a space in which educators can learn effective, efficient and engaging ways to utilize the wide variety of tools that are at our disposal.

VTC 2014 | Certificate of Participation & VTC 2016 | Certificate of Participation

Service Learning Conference (2015)

This workshop focused on discussing and learning how to successfully integrate service learning in the curriculum. Key note speakers included Dr. Marty Schmidt, who has worked to develop a comprehensive service learning program at HKIS; supported by HKIS humanities teacher and service learning educator, Mike Kersten. The workshop focused on stages of service learning, shared experiences in service learning, building a culture of Service Learning in the curriculum, and effectively engaging students and serving communities. Local NGO’s from Hanoi, Vietnam also joined the lineup to talk about responsible volunteering and thinking critically about service.

150 hour TEFL Training Course (2011-2012) | Certificate of Completion

Completed a 150 hour online International TEFL Course through the Global Leadership College. The course focused on teaching all four language skills, including writing, speaking, listening, and reading.  A game component of the course was created to develop deeper understandings of how to succeed in motivating both adults and young learners.

Successful Teaching in the Differentiated Classroom (2010)

I attended Carolyn Coils workshop in 2010 at Shekou International School in Shenzhen, China. This two day workshop focused on specific strategies that can be used by teachers to plan programs that provide appropriate challenges for learners of all levels.  During the workshop teachers explored a range of differentiation strategies, including flexible grouping, pre-assessments, individualized work, learning centres, tiered activities, learning profiles and individualized lesson plans.

As I continue on my teaching journey I am excited by the opportunity to expand my knowledge and understanding of best practices that can be brought into my classrooms, shared with my colleagues, and used with my students to challenge them and foster curiosity and growth.

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