Testimonials & Recommendations

Green School, Bali, Indonesia [2016]

A faculty member would like to acknowledge you as an outstanding teacher and a person that they admire. The person feels that you give exceptional effort and professionalism in your curriculum planning and delivery, and that has inspired them.
                                                                                      – Via Colleague Evaluation

Concordia International School, Hanoi [2014-2016]

I am very impressed by how you managed to improve the self reflection of the students and with how much enthusiasm and energy you are being a guide to them.
                                                                                          – 6th Grade Parent


POLY School Changwon, South Korea [2012-2013]

Letter of Recommendation

Her passion for teaching is easily recognized through the sincerity and dedication she brings to the classroom and to the school.  She is committed to seeing the progress and development of each and every one of her students.
                                                                             – Victoria Park, Vice Director




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