Teaching in Action

I have been teaching internationally for the past 12 years. I started my career securing an upper elementary English language role in Korean public schools in 2007 through a organization called Canadian Connections. With class sizes maxing out at 40 students, there was no shortage of dull moments in my first year abroad in Incheon, South Korea.

From there I ventured into the world of Early Education at Oonrak International School in Southern Thailand following the Cambridge early years curriculum. I then took a job at Shekou International School in Shenzen, China where we implemented a project based approach to learning paired with the New Zealand Te Whariki E.C.E. curriculum. My final years as an Early Years Educator was back in South Korea at Changwon Poly School. My role at Poly School was split between mornings and early afternoons with the Early Years program and afternoon and evenings with the after school English program for middle school students from local Korean public schools. My experience teaching middle school Korean students during these 14 months inspired the move to middle school and high school in the next job I applied for in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Moving to Hanoi, Vietnam was result of securing a middle school and high school EAL Specialist role at St. Paul American school. This role was an excellent opportunity to implement some creative and effective differentiation strategies in our “push-in” model of EAL  support and although it was great leadership learning experience I was ready to make the move into a content classroom teacher for middle school. There was no opportunity for me to transition into this role at St. Paul, thus I sought out a job at Concordia International School, Hanoi. I spent two wonderful years here teaching 6th grade literacy and social studies and coaching the middle and high school basketball teams.

It was during those two years at Concordia that I started to hear about (and keep my eye on) the Green School in Bali.  This school seemed perfectly aligned with my core values as an human and an educator – when their job postings for the 2016 academic year were released I didn’t hesitate to apply.  After an extensive application and interview process, I was given a job as a middle school literacy and thematics teacher. Upon arriving at Green School, I also took on the role of middle school PE  teacher, leading a once a week “experiential” program termed “Jalan Jalan” (Bahasia Indonesian meaning “take a walk”), and becoming a co-coordinator of our school wide mindfulness program.

In the drop down menu of “Teaching In Action” you will find learning stories and adventures from various programs I have been involved in during 12 year teaching journey.